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Pennsylvania’s favorite residential asphalt and blacktop driveway services provider is just a phone call away. You’re in good hands with Asphalt Renewal Services.

What we do

Installations, Repairs, Custom Paving, & More

repairs and coating

Stop those cracks and crumbling edges with our oil-based product that is way more durable than what the competition uses.

paving and asphalt

Need a fresh look? We offer a resurface option to your old and existing asphalt project. 

Custom driveways

Need your driveway paved? If you want something unique and need pros to do it, we are your answer.

Repairs and Coating

Cracks in your driveway will decrease the life of your lane or parking lot.

Paving and Asphalt

Make sure you use the right product for the climate and use patterns of your driveway.

Custom Driveways

We can get creative with you! Let’s talk about your project.

Residential Services

Nothing dates a home like a worn or broken up driveway. You can clean up that cracked and oil stained driveway or give your home that new house feel with a new driveway. Let the expert asphalt paving contractors at Asphalt Renewal Service LLC iron out the kinks and give you a curb appeal you can be proud of again. Asphalt Renewal Service is located in Pennsylvania.
  • Driveway Installation
  • Paving Repairs and Patching
  • Hot Tar Crack Filling
  • Turn arounds
  • Seal Coating (Oil Based)
  • Patios
  • Walking Paths
  • Lanes


Cecil and his crew did an amazing job... and the price was fair and fast. I would highly recommend his services - and after calling around to other places, I realized how fair and honest he was! Great job!


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Driveway Paving and Asphalt

Don't settle for less by making sure you work with the professionals at Asphalt Renewal Services.

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